Chandelier Dreams

5-26-11-015-500x333After watching the final episode of Oprah Wednesday night, our heart felt very sad. We hadtrouble getting out of bed Thursday morning knowing we were awaking to a world that exists without the daily dose of O we've known almost our whole lives. Each time we hear "twenty fiiiiive years", our eyes well up with tears. We know Oprah is moving on to bigger and better prospects (and yes, we did call Comcast a few months ago when we couldn't locate OWN in our cable system), but we'll still miss her traditional format. If our mom sees Steadman in Cape May again this summer, we will ask her to hug him so he can hug Oprah for us.

In honor of Oprah, we are dedicating today's post to something about which Oprah has always spoke passionately: home interiors and decorating. As Oprah has memorably stated, "Your home should rise up to meet you." As much as I love my home, I didn't feel the place was living up to its end of the bargain we made when I bought it. Some improvements to the entryway - the first chance my home has to get up on my level when I come home - were in order.

Our entryway is small, but I knew it was an opportunity to make a statement with color and a great light fixture. First, I convinced Joe that a fun color would make our house more awesome, and, after some initial hesitation, he agreed to paint the top half fuchsia (Ralph Lauren Racer Pink) and the bottom wallpapered half navy.The brightness of the pink took some getting used to, but we now love how it contrasts the navy and greets everyone who comes to our house. I hope it says, "Check out these young, fun cool people who live here! They are so awesome!"

Once we painted the space, the old traditional light fixture looked ridiculous in a "check-out-these-losers-who-tried-to-use-cool-paint-with-a-lame-light-fixture" kind of way (yes, my brain really functions in these sentences). An immediate update was necessary, and I was ready for the challenge. I absolutely L-O-V-E light fixtures, especially sparkly chandeliers. Any sparkly light fixture, really. When I walk by a house and spot a twinkling light fixture inside (which, in our neighborhood populated with typical Philadelphia federal-style row houses, is pretty frequent), I usually stop and creep in the window on my tip toes saying "ooooohhh loooook faaaannccyyy" until Joe tells me the owners are going to call the cops. I knew I wanted something sparkly, small and special, but I didn't want to spend a ton of money. MR suggested I check out Ikea, and SCORE! I found this $40 mini chandelier and it's perfect:


If you have any use for a small chandelier in your house, HCG highly recommends this Ikea fixture. It's insanely affordable, offers just enough sparkle and works in so many spaces. It's just the right size for our small entryway, and I only wish (1) I had another place to hang this somewhere else in my house, and (2) it wouldn't be weird to have the same Ikea fixture hanging two places in your house. It would look adorable over a corner chair in a guest room or above a bed or crib in a child's room. Joe's mom admired it in our house so much, she picked one up to hang over her kitchen sink. At $39.99, I don't know how everyone doesn't own this thing.

Oprah would be proud to know that now at Casa de HCG, the entryway dazzles and rises up to meet us each time we enter the house. We will love you forever, Oprah.

Kristaller 3-armed chandelier, $39.99 at Ikea