Robed & Ready

H&M Robe3A good robe is an often overlooked component in the lives of many women. Given the serious amount of time HCG logs getting ready, we've long known that a great robe is a key ingredient in our daily happiness cocktail, but we haven't always marched to the beat of our own rap video. Our winter robe (from Target) is short, fuzzy, hooded and has pockets, and we love it so much we've gifted it to many friends and relatives over the past few years. Our summer robe history, on the other hand, isn't as sweet or proud. While visiting Little B's hometown outside of Erie one college weekend, we found a child's terry cloth beach cover up at a Goodwill that we wore for years even though it showed most of our buttcheeks. When we came home in the summers, we reverted to one of those wrap towels that closes with Velcro given to us by our mom because the buttcheeks situation was weird around our dad and brother. The Velcro towel thing was functional but made us look like a shut in who spent afternoons watching Maury with the shades drawn. When we got married and brought the Velcro towel into our first place with our husband, we realized an upgrade was in order. Even if he won't admit it, no husband is happy to see his wife in a shapeless pink towel with lipstick bottles embroidered on the front every day.

Finally, three years into our marriage, we've found a summer robe that fits our aesthetic and price point. This kimono print robe from H&M combines a mix of leopard print and pink + orange florals and is cheery without being annoying. HCG loves a kimono cut no matter what the occasion, and this style is perfect for either languorously curling your hair on a Saturday night or rushing through your eye makeup routine on a lame Monday morning. The length of the robe offers just enough coverage (minimal buttcheek action), and although the robe looks sheer, it surprisingly isn't. Like all great H&M pieces, this robe is 100% polyester which actually feels incredibly nice and light on our skin. That statement confirms we shop at H&M more than is healthy.

If you're getting ready in a Velcro towel or something worse (is that possible?), we suggest swinging by H&M on your lunch break. Your husband will thank us.

Kimono print robe, $24.95 at H&M