All White Everything

pleatsHappy first day of summer! To celebrate, we're attending our first Diddy-style (aka Puffy aka Diddy Dirty Money) White Party this weekend. When our friends mentioned they wanted to throw a two-house party down the shore, we, along with most of the women in our group, started calling it the White Party (in honor of Diddy's annual Labor Day fete in the Hamptons) until the hosts eventually caved and agreed to the theme. A White Party sounds awesome until you realize (1) you don't own many white pieces and (2) it takes a lot of effort for you to look good in white. But just like the one stupid narrow doorway in our house through which all furniture must fit, we don't let little challenges take us down. On a side note, F you to everyone on Craigslist. Especially Bob from Newtown Square. Your chair was lame and overpriced.

We're deep in our White Party prep, and obviously, a white ensemble was first on our list. As we said, white isn't our most flattering hue, so we're putting our full 60% of our energy behind this event. A few stops at H&M and Zara didn't yield anything promising, so we hit up ASOS online and found a plethora of options. We ordered the Lipsy Pleated Chiffon Off Shoulder Dress pictured above ($86.20 at ASOS) and TFNC Floral Lace Fluted Sleeve Mini Dress pictured below ($77.58 at ASOS):laceASOS has an impressive selection of white dresses, so check it out for the White Party you will surely attend this summer. We ordered both of the dresses pictured here mostly because of the low shipping cost and the ability to return for free. This is our first ASOS order, and we'll let you know how it goes. We have a family beach photo scheduled for the Fourth of July that requires we wear white, and even though these dresses are probably not in line with that aesthetic, we're hoping to wear one of them anyway.

It goes without saying that super white teeth are required at a White Party. We generally use our custom whitening trays but reverted back to Whitestrips for old times' sake (and because we ran out of the whitening gel and don't know where to buy it again).wsOf course, a spray tan is in order. We're trying a new place via yet another Groupon deal, and we're hoping we look both hot and scary at the same time (you know what we mean). Lastly, we'll get a fresh mani/pedi with Essie Mint Candy Apple (practically free on Amazon) on the nails and something punchy and bright on the toes.

mcaThis party better be awesome.