Spin to Win

spiralsHCG loves a messy side bun - or a messy bun positioned anywhere on the head, really. Yours truly has a serious amount of hair (we're talking long and heavy), and keeping my mane back in a bun requires at least 72 regular bobby pins and more upper arm strength than any woman should need to secure her hair. The effort is worth it, though, to achieve our favorite messy bun inspiration: bun When we heard Goody created some newfangled spiral bobby pins that allegedly could hold up all of our hair with minimal effort, we laughed for a long time (hahahahaha!). But then we broke down at Target and decided to give these spin pins a try, and the results were shocking. Not only did the spin pins successfully hold up all of our hair for an entire 15-hour day, our messy bun stayed put even when we shook our head back and forth. Read that last phrase twice, friends.

This handy little how-to that accompanied the spin pins was so easy to follow and, most importantly, the process actually worked. Even considering the normal handicap all new hair/beauty products require, mastering the spin pins is incredibly easy. Just look:

how toNo, really, that's it. We're sorry we doubted you, Goody. Did we mention we love you?

Goody Simply Styles Spin Pins, $6.29 at Target