Super Luxe

mk&aLast night Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen previewed The Row's soon-to-be-released handbag line at Barneys and offered the world a much anticipated look at the bags we've been dying to see. Like all MK&A devotees, we pay close attention to the clothes and bags the ladies wear and carry, and recent photos of the Olsens with bags from The Row had our curiosity piqued. Example: this shot of Ashley carrying the alligator tote in NY:ashleyInitially, we thought this bag looked relatively large, but then we thought, could that just be the proportion of a normal size bag to an Olsen's tiny size frame? A close up of the bag itself shows that it is gorgeous: bagThe Row's debut bags aren't available until August, but here's a glimpse of the collection via The Window. Take note of the shiny crocodile backpack in the second row, third from left. It'll set you back only $39,000. Mere pennies! Though the rest of the bags aren't as expensive, they are far from moderately priced. The Row's bags will range from about $2,000 to $15,000. therowbags

HCG is on a mad hunt for a new luxe work bag. We love the simple, classic styles of these totes and the lack of obvious branding. Do we wait until August and see if any of The Row bags (a) woo us as much in person as they do online and (b) don't bankrupt us? Take a guess.