Can't Get Enough

EL0911_WLGwyneth_08Ah, how we love GP! HCG's beloved Gwyneth covers the September issue of Elle which quickly convinced us that this is one September magazine we'll definitely buy (the promised 556 pages of fall fashion didn't hurt). As much as we love magazines, the ability to read the bulk of the articles online and see all the photos sometimes kills the buzz of actually buying the magazine. But there's nothing better than fashion magazines in the late summer/early fall, so it doesn't take much to convince us to buckle around this time of year. In the especially candid article (snippets available here), GP discusses the usual topics - working out, keeping her marriage private, her friendship with Beyonce and Jay-Z - with added transparency. Here's a little eye candy for all the other GP fans out there (we mean you MR):

EL0911_WLGwyneth_02EL0911_WLGwyneth_01EL0911_WLGwyneth_03EL0911_WLGwyneth_05EL0911_WLGwyneth_04EL0911_WLGwyneth_07Images via Elle