HCG Turns Two

2Guess what? Here Comes Gina recently celebrated two years of being awesome! Our public profile has gotten so big since we started this site in 2009, we had to leave the state to celebrate in anonymity with our friends A, C and Lee in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Fortunately, only a few people recognized us while we were doing some rainy day shopping at the Tanger Outlets, but they were cool about it and didn't even ask for a photo. We guess they realized that even famous people like HCG enjoy getting deals, and our fans graciously allowed us to pretend to be normal. The trip was also orchestrated by A's sister Lee to celebrate A's 30th birthday, and we had a blast. Lee is the only other person I've met who uses the phrase "shit ton" as much as I do and who laughs nearly as much as CF. HCG was coincidentally launched on A's birthday - July 28 - so the joy was doubly special for us. The second year of HCG has brought us so much happiness, and we must thank our incredible friends and readers who continue to share in our immense joy. The HCG staff - Joe, CF, MR, JDF - continues to provide immeasurable support. Sure, MR doesn't work with me anymore, but she promises she'll still be a diligent editor and sounding board. We don't know where we'd be without our frequent commenters - Alex, C, A. Lud, CDW, Ski, Kara - who help us remember actual humans read HCG. And to all those people who read Here Comes Gina but never comment, we know you're out there (we have Google Analytics), and we love you too! We won't pretend this year wasn't tough in certain respects - our posting schedule can be so infrequent and it crushes our soul that we can't dedicate as much time to HCG as we would like (which is practically every waking minute). In celebration of two years of HCG, here are a few of our greatest hits of the past year:

Most Read Post: Juicy Our first ever juice cleanse back in March drew lots of attention from the HCG community and beyond. Every woman has apparently considered doing a juice cleanse or either done one in the past, and our well-documented experience was closely followed online. The term "Catalyst cleanse" is one of the top HCG Google hits - probably because when you Google "Catalyst cleanse", HCG is the first hit after the actual Catalyst site. I think I'll just keep saying Catalyst cleanse, Catalyst cleanse to ensure we stay at the top of those Google results. I intended to do another round of Catalyst this summer, but I just don't have it in me right now. Ski, on the other hand, is currently finishing her third Catalyst cleanse. I think we have an addict!

Most Famous Commenter: Garth Stein and Jamie Ford (tie) Until the HCG 2011 Summer Book Guide was published on July 29, our most famous commenter was The Art of Racing in the Rain author Garth Stein who confirmed the casting of Patrick Dempsey in the film adaptation of the book right here on HCG. It was a momentous occasion, we blew it up all over our Facebook and Twitter pages. But then Jamie Ford, author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, jumped in on that action and commented on his book's inclusion in our 2011 guide. Is the commenting by famous authors on HCG simply commonplace now? Probably not, but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Most Loved Topic: The Royal Wedding We technically posted about the royal wedding only twice (pre and post), but we and everyone we know loved it so much more than that. The wedding and Kate Middleton are topics mostly every woman loves, and we relished in the fun of sharing all the details with the HCG community. Our Facebook page got serious traffic the morning of the wedding which was one of the happiest days of our life.

Biggest Game Changer: The HCG Facebook Page (seriously) As described by HCG reader Emily, our Facebook page provides bonus content privy to only our FB fans. I personally felt great relief upon creation of the FB page. No longer do readers need to repeatedly check the site for updates; all new posts are linked on the HCG FB page which comes up in each person's newsfeed. We're about to bust through to 200 fans - wouldn't that be a magical coincidence given our recent two-year anniversary? Special thanks to Joe's dad who just liked it last week. You're my boy, Tony!

Most Watched Video: Shop 'til Someone Dies We burst with pride when the first (and only, to date) HCG video was posted. Thanks to Joe's masterful editing skills and Lady Gaga's "Show Me Your Teeth", our day of shopping the Barney's Warehouse Sale and other New York haunts with A and C transported the viewer to the intensity and chaos of the day (especially at the end with our impromptu dance scene at F21). Go ahead, rewatch it. You know I just did.

Most Exciting HCG Future Endeavors for Year 3: As always, HCG has big plans for the future. We are attending Lucky magazine's Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference in New York on September 7, and we expect the event to exceed all of our insane expectations (which are extremely high). Sometimes while falling asleep at night, we think about how awesome FABB will be and we smile ourselves to sleep. We're hard at work on a site redesign that will no doubt blow people away (no pressure, JDF), and we're PUMPED to make our second trip to Woodbury Common outlets in September for WCRH11 (Yom Kippur falls on a Saturday this year but fortunately Rosh Hashanah is on a Thursday).

We promise to make it a big year!

Giant #2 balloon courtesy of Party City. Just kidding. We paid $9.99 for that bad boy, and it was worth every penny.