HCG goes to FABB!


Today will no doubt be the most exciting day in Here Comes Gina's history. Yours truly is en route to New York this morning to attend the highly anticipated Lucky magazine Fashion and Beauty Blogger (FABB) conference!

HCG is boarding an early Amtrak train for the day trip to the Big Apple where we expect our life will change forever. We know what you're thinking - Amtrak? Really, HCG? You think you're better than us? You have a point - it does seem excessive at first glance. Sure, we could've slummed it and done the whole Septa/NJT thing but come on, with the kind of cash we're raking in from this site, it would be embarrassing to travel on anything less glamorous than Amtrak. A girl's gotta have standards. Besides, we're keeping it in check and taking regular Amtrak, not the elitist Acela, so quit judging. While we're on the subject of HCG's income, we can't help but mention our favorite question from the FABB application: "What percentage of your income comes from your blog?" Ha! If there was a "less than 0%" option, we would've selected that. Had the question inquired "What percentage of your income do you spend on your blog?", our response would've been far more interesting.

The inaugural FABB conference took place last February, and we didn't move quickly enough to secure an invitation before it sold out. As soon as the September FABB date was announced, we pounced like a baby tiger and applied immediately to ensure we scored one of the 250 slots. The sun shone brightly on the Haus of Gina the day our inbox lit up with "Lucky invites you to FABB!" The invitation from Lucky EIC Brandon Holley, who has made impressive strides during her tenure with the magazine so far, promised to "make your site as amazing as you are." We like the way you think, Brandon.

The FABB agenda reads like a fashion blogger's dream: panels with designers Diane Von Furstenberg, Rachel Roy and Rebecca Minkoff;  a conversation with Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian (the Kardashian women are clearly adept at building brands); business tips from Rodger Berman, husband of Rachel Zoe, Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann and the woman behind beloved nail polish brand Essie, Essie Weingarten; even break out sessions where we will hopefully meet similarly minded (read: awesome) fashion and beauty bloggers. The lineup of speakers is really impressive, and we are going to soak up every single word.

To be able to spend an entire day learning more about building a successful blog is truly a fantasy day for us. As always, we've packed a sandwich bag of M&Ms to remind us of our roots. We hope we're snacking on them, exhausted with joy and flush with blog knowledge, late tonight during our plush ride back down the eastern corridor to Philly. Wish us luck!

P.S. FABB is livestreaming on Lucky's site, so feel free to sneak a peek during the day. Look for the brunette with the fresh blowout in the orange silk J. Crew shirt dress and the wide eyed expression. I really hope no one else is wearing that dress.