Missoni for Target!

flatsLongtime HCG readers know nothing gets our panties in a bunch like a great Target designer collaboration. We are beyond giddy over the latest and largest Target designer collection to date which is about to hit stores TOMORROW, Tuesday, September 13: MISSONI! We've gone crazy for so many Target ventures in the past, but this one takes the whole idea to the next level. The Italian design family's zig zag prints are highly coveted but also highly pricey, and Target is bringing Missoni luxury to the masses. Because Target sometimes screws around and puts the stuff out early, we (along with our loyal HCG informants across the U.S.) started checking our local Target late last week. Fortunately, no Missoni was out as of late Sunday night. We'll be back again after work on Monday and then waiting outside Tuesday morning when the doors open. Did you hear that the NYC Missoni for Target pop up sold out in four hours? Exactly. HCG is even more ready for this Target collab than ever thanks to a ridiculously thoughtful birthday gift from our girl DQ. The card was wrapped suggestively in Missoni print, and we were like "Whaaaaat is going on here, DQ?" IMG_0214-500x333Inside was my birthday card AND...IMG_0221-500x333A custom Missoni for Target gift card created by DQ herself! So awesome, so DQ.

We've logged many hours previewing the Missoni wares online, and we're all kinds of hyped to see them in person. Our heart is beating extra fast thanks to some oral steroids we're taking to combat an annoying allergy/dermatological matter, and the medicine is making us even more spastic than we normally are (which is grande scary for our family and friends). I was talking so fast and excitedly about Missoni for Target at our neighborhood block party this weekend, I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm doing coke. Which I kind of like.

A not-so-quick breakdown of some of the Missoni for Target items we'll be hunting down to aid you with your search. First, we will knife someone if we can't get our paws on the knit flats ($29.99, pictured above). They are absolute perfection. tightsWe can never have enough tights, and these ($16 each) are adorable. blackwhiteThis sweater coat ($79.99) intrigues us, but it will need to impress us in person. How much wear can a girl on the east coast really get out of an $80 sweater coat? blueWe want everything in this look. The knit hoodie ($49.99) would look sick with skinny jeans while going to pick up your dry cleaning on a Saturday or belted over an all-navy ensemble for a casual Friday in the office. The short sleeve knit dress ($54.99) is too cool. HCG loves navy. robeWe're a sucker for a kimono style robe (or a kimono-style anything, really) and this silky robe ($39.99) would increase our fancy robe collection by 33.3% (yes, we have only two good robes). heelsDepending on the quality and fit of these pumps ($39.99), they may just be the newest addition to our expanding shoe collection. scarvesHow could you not buy one of these silk scarves? ($19.99 each) tiesHCG never rarely forgets the men in her life, and these man ties ($24.99 each) would look awesome on the fashion conscious guys we know. We picked up a few Liberty of London for Target ties for our guys, and they absolutely loved them. man sweaterA man sweater ($49.99) if we're feeling generous. blanketWe love this throw! At only $39.99, we don't care where we would put it. On a guest chair, folded over the arm of our couch - the possibilities are endless. Please be soft in person.

oblong pillowQuite possibly the most understated of the Missoni pieces, this oblong toss pillow ($29.99) is practically neutral. It would work in anyone's home (including ours). pillowsIt will be difficult to resist these dashing pillows ($29.99 each), and we'll probably buy them if we see them just so we can say we found them. espressoAh, the coveted 5-piece espresso set ($39.99). We know at least five friends who are looking out for this, and we think the tiny saucers might be reason enough. If you're not into coffee/tea/espresso, you can use the saucers as appetizer or dessert plates!

We're always in need of serving trays, and these are so fun: plattersOctagon ceramic platter, $24.99; Rectangle serving tray (my favorite), $19.99; Melamine serving tray, $19.99. bowlWe hope this glass serving bowl ($29.99) looks as expensive in person as it does online because we really think it could convince people we're rich. We can just lie and say we found it at some tiny glass blower artist's studio while on holiday in Barcelona. (Side note: HCG has never been to Spain.) appsIf you buy the espresso set, now you can mix and match your appetizer/dessert plate collection with this 4-pack of appetizer plates (only $2.99!). Unless they're crazy cheap plastic (which, at $2.99, they very well may be), buy them! toiletries

For our future trip to Spain: Weekender, $29.99; Valet, $29.99; Cosmetics clutch, $9.99; Cosmetics box, $16.99. rugs (2)We're all over this flora throw rug (rugs, $29.99 each). Does it go with our kitchen? Probably not. Do we care? Take a guess. bathroomBATH LINENS! Handtowels, $10.99 each; Bath towels, $12.99 each; Shower curtain, $34.99. Casa HCG doesn't have bathrooms which require shower curtains, but if we did we'd jump at this double patterned Missoni curtain. We hope we get the chance to debate whether we're buying too many bath linens tomorrow morning. 401465 Missoni Look BookAnd of course, there's the infamous Missoni x Target beach cruiser ($399.99). If you're in the market for this baby, take note that it is available only on Target.com, so don't expect to see it in your store (sorry, Sarah!).

Our Missoni wish list may seem extensive, but this is only a fraction of the seemingly endless offerings. For all the HCG readers with little girls in their lives, we predict the Missoni toddler and girl clothing will tempt your wallet as it will ours.

Happy shopping, and don't forget to keep us posted on your Missoni for Target hunt!