Khloe, Kim, Kourtney & Gina*

IMG_0131OMG KARDASHIANS. I tried to squeeze the Kardashians into the FABB panelists post, but, as the E! network would say, they deserved a post of "Kardashian proportion". Plus, the panels post simply got too long for anyone's attention span (mine included). FABB was blanketed in Kardashian anticipation all morning, and talk of the famous sisters arriving in black SUVs with an E! camera crew in tow made for a giddy lunch. The conference room was generally full during most of the panels, but right before the Kardashians entered, there wasn't an empty seat in sight. People were lining the walls. When they walked in, flashbulbs were going off like crazy.IMAG0339Lucky EIC Brandon Holley moderated the discussion and took pre-screened questions from the crowd, most of which involved asking the ladies how they avoid becoming overexposed (I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed) and what some of their favorite makeup products are.

Their makeup (especially Kim's) was most impressive to me. Look at how her cheek color GLOWS! Seriously, how does she do it? I'm sure having striking natural cheekbones  and beautifully exotic features plays a big part in that equation.

IMG_0151 Kim acknowledged that they like to wear a lot of makeup, and skin care for makeup lovers is especially important (I'm paraphrasing, of course).  Kim HATES washing her makeup off at night (she's just like HCG!) and lives by the uber-convenient makeup cleansing cloths. I sometimes use those cloths if I'm feeling super lazy, but I still have to splash my face with water and moisturize after. So do the cloths really save that much time? If Kim wasn't surrounded by camera crews and bodyguards after the panel, I would've discussed this topic with her.IMG_0132Brandon Holley announced that the Kardashian trio is covering three individual covers for the November issue of Lucky and gave us a preview. Here's your sneak peek:

khloekimkourtneyMan does Khloe have some seriously long extensions. I've gotten lots of questions about seeing the Kardashians in person, so here's a quick shot at answering some of your burning inquiries:

  • No, Khloe did not look huge in person, but it was hard to tell since, as always, she was next to Kim and Kourtney and they're tiny.
  • Yes, Khloe was the funniest/most normal.
  • Yes, Khloe's and Kim's engagement rings are so big they look fake.
  • Yes, Kim is beyond gorgeous. Her features are so striking they are almost hard to comprehend. When Kim wasn't speaking, she was just staring back at the crowd with a freaky half smile (a good idea given that her photo was constantly being taken).
  • No, I couldn't confirm that Kim is the curviest woman in the world. As you can see, she was wearing a somewhat full skirt and blazer, so her notorious figure was difficult to discern.

IMG_0142Below, the E! camera crew follows them out (you can see a glimpse of Kourtney's Lucky cover in the background):camera crewCheck out more FABB photos coming to the HCG Facebook page next week!

*Disclaimer: The title of this post may infer that I actually met or exchanged words with the Kardashians. Nothing of that sort happened. Due mostly to their security, I was unable to get within 10 feet of them.