Do the Hustle

Harvest-Hustle-PostcardA glimpse into the Secret Life of Here Comes Gina: I'm an active member of The Junior League of Philadelphia, a 100-year-old charitable volunteer organization of 900+ women in the Philadelphia area. I know, it's shocking to learn that I actually like helping people other than myself. The JLP has a serious history of making a difference in the Philadelphia community, and I'm all over that and not just because celebrities make volunteering seem trendy (okay maybe a little). And FYI - the Junior League (at least in Philadelphia) really isn't at all like it was depicted in "The Help", I swear. HCG friend and dedicated reader HAF and I are co-chairing a 5k run/1-mile walk this Sunday, October 2 in Ardmore, PA to raise money for some of the Junior League's projects, and it's going to be the biggest thing to hit suburban Philadelphia in years. Fortunately for you, HCG is extending to you a personal invitation to register before the race sells out. You can thank me later.

Headquartered at Suburban Square, this race scene will boast bumping tunes from my parents' beloved radio station B101, a Lily Pulitzer hospitality tent, post-race snacks from Fill-a-Bagel, a ridiculous balloon arch and so much more. I know, it already sounds like a crazy good time, there couldn't possibly be more - but there is. In addition to having a fabulous name and boasting all the glitz and glamour of any brilliantly organized race, the Harvest Hustle is going to be like a Here Comes Gina community event: everyone from CF to MR to T Fuzz to JMJR to MJG to possibly even CDW will be there. Not a runner? Enough excuses, already. There's a 1-mile walk which will include my B101-loving parents. Don't be lazy. Be awesome.

Speaking of awesome, HCG reader and JLP member Olivia is bringing her poodle. So take note: poodles (and other types of dogs but especially poodles) are very welcome. So are strollers, husbands, kids, parents, turtles and hamsters. What more convincing do you need?

BONUS: Registrants will receive an incredible Harvest Hustle t-shirt sporting the HCG logo (along with the logos of our other generous sponsors) packed into an adorable reusable shopping bag containing coupons and goodies. You don't want to miss out on scoring HCG's first-ever t-shirt appearance, do you? That thing will surely sell for $2,000 on eBay in a few years. I may have to frame it in the HCG office just like small businesses frame the first dollar bill they receive.

If you're still undecided, you should take note that hustling is cheap. The registration cost is only $25 in advance and $30 the day of the race (if there are any spots left). You'd be crazy not to participate.

Click HERE to register for the Harvest Hustle!