Free Stuff Feels So Good

IMG_0117I'll be honest: the best surprise from Lucky FABB was the free stuff. I had no idea there would brand suites at FABB, and I most definitely had no idea that I would be given anything except the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. With that background, it should be easy to appreciate my shock and glee when I overheard other bloggers talking about the FREE J BRAND JEANS being given away in the J Brand suite. Guess who hauled ass to the J Brand suite as soon as she heard that tidbit? This girl:free jeansOh yes, that's yours truly doing the slightly open mouth pose (which I learned from Blake Lively via MR) and holding up a pair of jeans frozen in a look of disbelief. Here's how it went down: I scurried over to the J Brand suite and said to a staffer, "I heard this crazy rumor about J Brand giving away free pairs of jeans. Is that actually true?" Answer: yes, totally true. WTF?! The staffer explained that each blogger was being given one pair of any of the jeans shown on the mannequins in the suite. Samples were available to try on, and orders were placed on iPads (isn't everything trendy done via iPad these days?). I have long wanted to pick up a pair of J Brand jeans but haven't had the time to search or the intense need for an expensive pair of new jeans. FABB did me a solid and gave me (1) time to contemplate and try on J Brand jeans (the J Brand suite had a makeshift dressing room) and (2) expensive jeans at no cost. A glimpse at the selection I had to choose from:IMG_0114IMG_0112IMG_0115I went with the dark wash, standard skinnies pictured below (J Brand style 811 in Dark Worn; retail cost: $187). A denim risk taker HCG is not.IMG_0113These babies just arrived on Monday, and they're incredible - soft but not too thin with just enough stretch. And the waist is the perfect rise. No coin slot in sight! I can't wait to give them a serious run for their money this fall tucked into every pair of boots I own. Muchas, muchas gracias J Brand! That crazy mo fo Essie gave away a pouch filled with three of Essie's newest shades pictured below (photo by Joco. Look how fancy and professional HCG is getting!). Don't worry, Essie, I double checked to make sure these polishes are available to the public before posting about them. I would never burn you like that.essieFrom left above: Lady Like, Glamour Purse and Carry On. In an amazing coincidence, MR texted me shortly after FABB and said she was wearing a new Essie color on her nails: LADY LIKE. MR had no idea that I, too, was wearing Lady Like on my nails, and that the color was part of the Essie FABB suite giveaway. Life can be so damn crazy sometimes.

Laundry by Shelli Segal's suite showcased the brand's upcoming holiday collection and gave bloggers the chance to name one of their favorite dresses and have that dress sent to you (really? More free stuff? I was skeptical but hopeful at this point).  I chose a one-shouldered purple floor-length dress and did what every woman does when she doesn't have time or, in this case, the ability to try a dress on: I slipped the hanger over my head. laundry2.JPGI quickly realized no one else was taking photos with hangers around their necks and requested a second more traditional photo. My M.O. from FABB was "the girl who requires two photos" (exhibit A: DVF). laundryAfter all that free stuff, I was sure there was nothing else Lucky could throw at me, but I was wrong. The post-FABB cocktail party included a surprise performance by Ellie Goulding, the British singer who performed Elton John's "Your Song" at the royal wedding private reception. Yes, and now she has also performed for HCG (okay, and a room full of 250+ other people, but look how close I was!). ellieGirlfriend is skinny in person. And she has the coolest voice.

ellie3What could be better than free jeans, free nail polish, a free dress and Ellie Goulding? Oh, maybe the free Sorel boots that are being shipped to HCG as you read this post. I need not repeat how awesome FABB was.

Still to come sometime before Christmas: the FABB swag bag! I know, I know, I need to post it already. I swear if I didn't have an intense full-time job, a dedicated passion for working out and (recently) the Junior League, an awesome husband, family and friends, this site would be updated far more often. If someone wants to confront me about the infrequent HCG posting schedule on the new CW show H8TR, I'm happy to seek out the production details and/or tweet to host Mario Lopez about getting us on.