$926 of Missoni for Target

BlueDressesHave you read those accounts of crazy women waiting in line outside Target to spend large sums of money on Missoni for Target? Get ready for another one.

HCG was very excited for this latest and largest Target designer collaboration. On the morning of Tuesday, September 13, I hurried (kind of) to my local Target at 7:45 a.m. and found 20 other people already waiting in line. Angrily, I took my spot as #21 and started tapping my foot impatiently. The doors opened, people started running, and I grabbed a cart and darted through the cash register area like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. The rest is a complete blur. I remember trying stuff on, consulting with HCG reader Krishna in the dressing room and having several phone calls with HAF, who was at her local Target that morning, too. I definitely remember the cashier telling me my total was $926.00. Ouch.

I've spent the last month inventorying my Missoni for Target stockpile and making selective returns. Here's a rundown of what I bought, what I'm keeping and what went back.

Women's Clothing Above left: the knit hooded sweater is definitely staying. It's cozy, colorful and one of the highest quality pieces I bought. I loved it so much I picked up one for CF, too, and gave it to her even though she hasn't paid me for it yet. Above right: the short-sleeved knit dress was something I thought I'd love, but it went back. In my Supermarket Sweep haste, I accidentally grabbed this dress in an XS and a M instead of an XS and a S, and the XS was a little too small (short) and the M too large. I bought the XS thinking I'd wear it only with tights and flats - my usual solution to any dress that's too short - but when you spend $926 on Missoni for Target, some things need to go back. Farewell, little knit dress.

Below left, the black knit dress is staying. I even wore this dress to work the day I bought all the Missoni stuff which was kind of a giveaway as to why I was late for work. I'll definitely wear this layered over a white button up and tights in the winter. Below right, the zig zag sleeveless knit dress went back. It was cute but just not functional enough for my life. BrowndresswsThe knit flats are definitely staying! I haven't worn them yet and have heard from several sources that they're uncomfortable, but for $24.99 I'm willing to overlook comfort. I desperately need more flats, and I'll just wear these with tights to help ease them in. FlatsThe suede heels were staying, but then I found another pair of shoes I wanted more. Sure, these were only $40, but I decided I'd rather put $40 toward a new pair of shoes I really want. The suede heels went back. Heels I've already worn these blue tights three times, so they are staying as well. I definitely would have bought more tights had I been able to get my paws on additional pairs. tightsWhy return socks? Staying. socks

Both blouses below have already been worn to work or on the weekends, so they're staying. HCG loves blouses with character. blouses

The knit shirt dress, below left, is one of the softest pieces of the entire line, so it's staying. I've wore it this dress to work and it kept me comfortable for more than 15 hours! The zig zag cardigan, below right, while very cute, went back. The fabric was thinner than I would've liked, and, as I mentioned before, I needed to get my credit card bill lowered.sweaterdressHousewares + Travel Accessories The orange glass bowl lived up to all my expectations! Staying. It was immediately placed in the perfect spot on a living room bookshelf and has been adoringly glanced at ever since. Thanks to HAF for picking this up for me.bowl The ceramic zig zag platter was also too good to pass up, so it's staying.tray

Although they had a lot of potential, all of the toiletry bags I purchased went back.

Bag1Bag1pic2Bag2Bag3The silk scarf went back too. I just don't wear silk scarves even though I sometimes wish I did. ScarfMan Stuff The man ties are staying. Joe is always in need of more cool ties.ManTies The man sweater, on the other hand, went back. Joe didn't love the fit of this man sweater on him, and he was even more anxious than me to reduce the total HCG investment in Missoni for Target. Mansweater I really wanted a Missoni for Target throw, and the home section of my store was pillaged before I had a good chance to take a crack at it (and I subsequently heard the throw I wanted was made of fleece, not cotton, so it wasn't totally disappointing). I picked up this baby blanket in hopes that it could be used on a chair or a guest bed, but it was just too small. BabyblanketThe baby blanket was about to go back, but HCG friend Anne-Laure, who is expecting a baby girl in December, asked to purchase it, so I sold it to her for twice the face value. Just kidding. We exchanged the goods for cash in the Harvest Hustle parking lot. HCG does business wherever and whenever possible.

If you've tried to tally the HCG total with the goods shown here, you'll realize that it doesn't quite amount to $926. A few things aren't pictured, including a baby dress for Little B's soon-to-arrive bundle of joy, along with some items for HAF and CF.

How did HCG readers fare with Missoni for Target? If you were able to get anything, do you love what you bought?