Bowled Over

bowlsA few weeks ago I spotted these bowls near the register at West Elm and allowed myself an entire minute to consider buying them. Team HCG was in the finishing stages of an incredible photo gallery wall, and adorable bowls were not on our shopping list. That doesn't usually stop me, but I'm on a half-ass spending slowdown, so I was trying to be fiscally responsible. With more than a hint of hesitation, I passed on the bowls and left the store feeling unsettled. They were so cute! And not expensive! Why must life be full of such tough decisions?

That weekend, while eating full fat Cheez-its (anyone who claims the reduced fat Cheez-its are better is delirious) and catching up on the season finale of "The Rachel Zoe Project", I wished I was plucking my Cheez-its from one of those lovely West Elm bowls. So I said to myself, "F IT. DON'T BE A LOSER. BUY THE DAMN BOWLS", and I hustled back to West Elm the next day and swooped them up. I wanted to buy eight bowls but Joe talked me into buying only four - two of each on the right hand side above (gray/light blue and orange/light blue). The varying patterns between the inside and outside of the bowls get me in the gut every time I take one out of the cabinet. When presented with treats in these bowls, guests at your house will no doubt react with "Oh my God, look how fun the insides of these bowls are! This girl thinks of EVERYTHING." Long live HCG.

Hate huge bowls? You're in luck. These babies are smaller than typical cereal bowls (which are enormous), so they're perfect if you like just a little cereal. They're also great for limiting your ice cream consumption (not HCG's style) or allowing yourself to have a second serving of ice cream because the bowl is so tiny you couldn't have possibly eaten that much (definitely HCG's style). Obviously, snacks of many variations - M&Ms, pretzels, popcorn, nuts, grapes if you're feeling crazy - are right at home in these colorful bowls.

Just don't waste these bowls on reduced fat Cheez-its. You're better than that.

Modernist bowls, $8 ON SALE FOR $6 each (guess who's buying more?) at West Elm