And the Winner is...

resultsCongratulations to the winner of the Lucky FABB swag bag giveaway: NORAH MAXWELL! Here's how the incredibly sophisticated selection process worked: I manually typed the names of all those who left comments into the list randomizer on I excluded (1) comments by my sister's dog Rusty Ferry, (2) any multiple comments (Jenn, Rusty Ferry) and (3) any comments by me. Then I hit "randomize" and Norah Maxwell's name came up as #1! I grabbed a screenshot of the final list so Meg, Mary, Betty, Ski and A Lud could see just how close they were to winning. CF - you were actually #62 out of #63, so no re-do was necessary. Phew!

It's only fitting that a member of the Maxwell/McGann would win HCG's first giveaway since they've been on Team HCG since day 1. Hopefully Norah will share some of the FABB swag bag contents with everyone else in her family (HCG suggests a birthday gift to Cassidy).

This giveaway was so thrilling, I may just start buying stuff to give away on HCG. I'm sure Joe will love that.

Thanks to everyone who participated!