HCG's Personal Christmas Wishlist


Dear Santa,

Above is a collage depicting the items on HCG's personal Christmas wishlist. These items are listed below in no particular order of desirability, so feel free to choose whatever you like.

FYI - I am publishing this to my readers so they may use my personal wishlist as gift suggestions for their friends and family. Since the HCG community and I have a lot in common, I'm willing to bet my wishlist helps them shop. If I happen to receive some of these gifts from my husband/friends/family as a result of this post, well, that's just an added bonus.

Waiting anxiously for baby Jesus to arrive, Gina

  1. A backpack vacuum or a Dyson so I don't kill myself vacuuming the steps in our three-story house. Lame? Probably. Practical? Definitely. Besides, who wants to buy a vacuum for herself?
  2. Proenza Schouler PS1 in midnight blue. Significantly cooler than the vacuum.
  3. A terrarium for my office (preferably from Terrain because things there are expensive and smell nice). It turns out I'm not that good at watering plants.
  4. This J.Crew bracelet which C and I gifted to A for her 30th birthday in July. I still curse myself for not buying two.
  5. Hanky Panky low-rise thongs. A girl can never have too many. Great stocking stuffer.
  6. Anything cashmere (preferably moderately expensive cashmere). My wardrobe definitely needs more cashmere.
  7. A DVF wrap dress. How is it possible that I still don't own one?
  8. Anything by The Row (PLEASE).
  9. More free time to work on HCG. This may require an annual stipend in the amount of my current yearly salary. Make magic happen, Santa.
  10. This Ibiza round brush.
  11. A Yogitoes yoga towel.
  12. Voluspa candles. I love them. I also love the Yankee Candle "Christmas Wreath" and "White Christmas" scents (they make any space smell like a Christmas dream), but I just bought two huge jars so I'm good for a while.
  13. Elegant and impressive Here Comes Gina personalized notecards to send thank yous for all of the free gifts I receive (CF came up big in 2009 with HCG's beloved business cards). Feel free to throw in a personalized HCG return address stamp if you have time. Letterpress notecards are suggested.
  14. Laser hair removal for my entire body. You've been ignoring this request since Christmas 1994.
  15. Hunter fleece welly socks.
  16. A glass straw dispenser. I am really into straws lately and wish I had somewhere nice to store them.
  17. The Clarisonic Mia skin cleansing system. I've heard way too many good things about it to put off trying it myself any longer.
  18. A gift certificate to Soul Cycle (the most amazing spinning studio on Earth). Yes, I know I live in Philadelphia, but SC is worth a day trip to the Big Apple. Did I mention I celebrated my 29th birthday workout there this year?