Best of Book Club 2011

BestofBookClub2011 Any fan of HCG knows how much I love book club. I wasn't able to post about all of the books we read this year, so I wanted to end the year with an ode to book club's favorite reads of 2011 (in perfect HCG fashion, I'm a few days late). Also, I'm pretty obsessed with The Hunger Games, so I was pumped for an excuse to write about the trilogy.

To help with this post, I took a quick survey of my book club's members to see which books were most loved last year. Some members with excess free time on their hands didn't respond as quickly as I would've liked (MR), so I had to prompt her them. By a landslide, The Hunger Games won. We read all three Hunger Games books in November, and we quickly learned why so many people were taken by the technically "young adult" novels. It seems like lately "young adult" is code for "awesome". Since November, I've basically made it my life's mission to convince everyone I know to read these books. As I finished each one, I handed the books over to Joe and he promptly began reading them. Joe isn't a big reader, but he tore through THG. He is so excited for the first movie to be released in March, he suggested we sleep outside the movie theater the night it premieres. When I discover someone (a stranger or a friend) hasn't read THG, I suggest that person immediately ceases whatever activity she is doing and starts reading these books. They're that good.

In distant second but still widely adored by our members was Tina Fey's hilarious book Bossypants. As a Delaware County, PA native, I, and most other women I know, am generally smitten by Tina Fey. As CF predicted, this book made me feel embarrassed to read it in public. Before I started reading it, CF tried to read aloud portions on the beach in Cape May, and I thought I was going to have to muzzle her to prevent her from spoiling the entire thing from me. Much like THG, once you read Bossypants, all you want to do is talk to someone else who read the book about your favorite parts.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (our May selection) was another favorite of 2011. Ever since author Jamie Ford became the second author to comment on a Here Comes Gina book club post, he has been held in high regard on this site. We lost book club member Torrey to Boston after this meeting - R.I.P. Torrey.

Finally, many of our members (myself included) enjoyed What Alice Forgot (our September selection) as evidenced by the length of my HCG post about the book. I've since made that warm apple cobbler recipe three times, and it's always a hit. Have you tried it yet Maureen Maxwell? Due to end-of-summer vacations, we took August off - hence the appropriate Google image of a sun.

We've set the entire 2012 book club calendar and chosen the first two books, and I'm hosting in April. As I've told Joe, that gives us more than four months to refinish our floors, do some more painting and make other necessary home improvements. Where would our house be without book club as a deadline?

Happy 2012 to all!

xo, HCG