upgradeHCG made an especially significant purchase on Black Friday 2011: a 13-inch MacBook Air! My old Dell Inspiron 700m (circa 2004) just wasn't cutting it any longer. Besides taking about 20 minutes to power on, this sad little guy required constant plugged-in power and hadn't had functioning sound for the past four years. And it weighed about 17 pounds. But my old Dell should be credited with being by my side through every step of law school and helping me pass the bar - accomplishments I thought would bring me much more personal happiness than they actually have.

HCG rarely makes electronics purchases without intense deliberation and planning. Clarification: HCG rarely makes electronics purchases period. Because a MacBook Air would (1) cost a pretty penny and (2) be the first computer my parents' didn't buy for me, I decided to throw it back old school and attempt to save up until I had enough cash to buy this new computer outright. I thought this noble game plan would prompt admiration from my family and friends, but it brought on only mockery. Yes, I know I don't blink at spending somewhat exorbitant amounts on handbags and shoes.

Much to Joe's frustration, I refused to take my new computer out of the box for about two weeks after I bought it because our house wasn't in sufficient order. Once I got my brand new MacBook purring, I learned how much I had been missing (I imagine I'll experience similar feelings once I finally get an iPhone). This baby runs like a dream. The keyboard is so smooth it feels like I'm typing on melted butter. The sound works so well.

Special thanks are in order to my parents, CF + JDF, JMJR + T Fuzz and Little B and her family for all contributing to this huge upgrade in the form of birthday or other gifts. The "Gina's Computer Fund" envelope filled up much quicker than I anticipated, and I couldn't wait any longer when the MacBook Air was on sale for $100 off on Black Friday. You know I love a great deal on an expensive item.

After all, when you run a wildly successful blog like HCG, it's only expected that you have a fancy computer.