Tri-Blend on the Cheap


Old Navy has ripped off one HCG's favorite American Apparel tri-blend tank tops, and we couldn't be more excited! At only $7.50 (on sale from a hysterical $9.50), this Old Navy tri-blend racerback tank is less than half the cost of the AA tri-blend tank ($20). We had trouble buying only one! HCG owns quite a bit of American Apparel's incredibly soft tri-blend products, and we know they're overpriced. We just didn't know how overpriced.

Old Navy either cares very little about ripping off AA or is simply lazy; the ultra-affordable chain didn't even bother to change the name of this product. Both tanks are called the "Tri-Blend Racerback Tank." Maybe ON knows AA's recent financial struggles probably prevent the company from using its legal budget for anything other than defending founder/CEO Dov Charney's several sexual harassment and assault lawsuits. Clever move, Old Navy.

The possibilities for this tank are endless- wear it layered under a jacket, cardigan, sweater or hoodie or over another tank, wear it working out, wear it over your bathing suit, wear it to sleep. Wear it while you're painting (or watching your husband paint) and throw it out after for Christ's sake! Yours truly owns the $20 AA tri-blend tank and always wished I had bought a slightly larger size. Old Navy made that dream a very cheap reality. A note on sizing: I like a looser fit, so I bought this Old Navy tank in a medium.

A warning to big (or bigger than small) chested ladies: this tank may not be enough coverage for your girls. We're sorry we can't sympathize with you there. There are other areas in life where you have significant advantages. Let us have this one.

Tri-Blend Racerbank Tank, $9.50 ($7.50 in stores) at Old Navy