capeCape lovers rejoice! HCG first spotted this Zara cape dress on a fashion site over a year ago. Unbelievably, I never imagined wearing a cape dress, but as soon as I saw it I knew my life would never be complete without one. I fruitlessly searched for it in Zara stores - those were the old days before Zara US online shopping - and resigned to never owning a black cape dress. More than a year later and just a few weeks before Ash Wednesday, the dress has risen from the dead. I'm proud to report that HCG didn't miss out this time. The second I saw it online, I dropped the pack of M&Ms I was eating and hightailed it up to my local Zara store. I didn't even bother to minimize the window on my computer. When I rushed through the door of Zara, out of breath and anxious, there it was, freshly unpacked and perfectly positioned under a halo of fluorescent store light.

Sometimes life does you a solid.zcape

Cape Dress, $59 at Zara