Wish List: Terrazo Tweed

terrazoSpring has allegedly arrived, and HCG is on the hunt for a versatile tweed or light bouclé jacket that will take us from brunch to baby showers to being awesome wherever we feel like it (notice I struggled with keeping up the "b" theme in that sentence). J. Crew has delivered in this quest just as it answered my prayers a few months ago by ending my search for the perfect leopard pumps (which I wore to Lucky FABB). J. Crew's terrazo tweed jacket checks all the boxes in HCG's spring jacket prerequisites: (1) structured tailoring, (2) charming yet polished details, and (3) not completely exorbitant price. And even better: it's navy! This tweed number is formal without being fussy and will work with everything from jeans Friday (woot woot!) to pencil skirt Monday. I imagine this jacket will feel great while I sport my new wireless headset in my office (which, by the way, is incredible. Just ask CF how well she can hear me when she calls me every day on her way home from school).

And, lastly, there's a generous dose of chocolate jimmies on top of this ice cream sundae of a jacket: the sleeve length is prime for a heavy serving of bracelets. My new favorite J. Crew pave link bracelet will look fabulous with this baby.

If anyone is looking for an Easter present for HCG, this jacket would look great in my Easter basket right next to my personalized chocolate egg (thanks, Mom). Jesus is almost risen! HALLELUJAH!

Terrazo Tweed Jacket, $278 at J. Crew