Hoots to West Elm

49742a7a7f9511e1b9f1123138140926_7Check out these adorable owl measuring cups from West Elm. I picked them up a few nights ago, and I've been smiling at them ever since. These little guys come in a few awesome colors, and I chose light blue because I am not skilled at taking big risks (just ask CF about my struggles at the paint your own pottery place yesterday. It was so stressful).  I can't wait to bake with these measuring cups or use them while cooking to sort out chopped vegetables or other pre-measured ingredients. One my favorite features of these stone measuring cups: the super cute set of four nests together for easy storage. They're like a little owl family that lives in your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes little things like owl measuring cups give life an added boost. I tweeted this same Instagram shot of the measuring cups when I got home the other night, and the photo was too fun not to share on HCG. If you haven't noticed, I did recently get an iPhone, and it has completely lived up to all the hype. Instagram is by far my favorite part of owning an iPhone. Right now I'm just thinking of what I can Instagram today.

A special shout out to all the HCG Chi Omega readers who will hopefully appreciate the "hoots" reference in this title (even though it may seem like an obvious owl reference) and the owl theme in general. Happy Easter to all!

P.S. Boners to Dana Minucci from Katy Swain.

Owl measuring cups, $19 at West Elm