Wish Granted

glitterWhat happens when your husband takes your wish list literally? You end up owning these incredibly fun shoes. A few weeks before my last birthday, I posted this entry about my desire to say F you to boring work pumps and flats and to welcome a completely impractical, decadent pair of shoes into my closet. The post was a quick one that was drafted as I drank my morning smoothie and scrolled through Net-a-Porter's new arrivals. While I do often buy many of the items I post about in the "wish list" series, I had no intention of ever acquiring these shoes. Calf hair glitter pumps? Who actually buys them?

So you can imagine my pure shock when I opened the Miu Miu box containing these sparkly works of art on my birthday. My first response was "You didn't seriously buy these, did you?" which Joe answered with "Yes. Didn't you really want them?" Ah, men. Their lives are so simple.

Of course I "wanted" these shoes, but would I really spend this much money on them? Probably not. And for better or for worse, Team HCG shares money. After a few days of me chattering nonstop about the pros and cons of keeping these shoes, Joe convinced me that life was too short to send them back. Reason #6,785 why Joe is the world's greatest husband.

The Mius Mius made a few appearances over the winter, and, as expected, they looked amazing. They aren't exactly in my weekly rotation, but they are an unexpected jewel in my less than stunning shoe collection (HCG's recent bag addiction has caused the shoe situation to lag).

Lesson learned: Be more careful about what you wish for. Or, right before your birthday, wish for a lot of awesome expensive stuff on your blog and there's a decent chance your husband will buy some of it.

Image via - wait for it - Instagram