Straw Success

IMG_1679Summer is HCG's favorite season, and we've hit the ground running this year. We just returned from a weeklong trip to the Outer Banks where we gave some new summer hats a run for their money. Good news: these hats are awesome, and they all cost less than $13. Seriously.

Although I love high quality goods, I see no point in spending a lot of money on a summer hat when it rarely lasts two seasons anyway. My summer hats always take a beating regardless of how expensive or how cheap they are. I've historically been a floppy hat sort of girl, but after stealing one of Joe's straw fedoras late last summer, I was converted. Once stores started stocking summer merchandise this past winter, my hunt began.

J. Crew didn't offer the kinds of traditional options I was looking for. Am I really a panama hat kind of woman? The jury is still out. But during a springtime J. Crew trip where my friend DQR apparently thought I was going to tell her I was pregnant (full disclosure: I am not pregnant nor am I trying to become pregnant. Not that it's a sensitive topic for me.), I confided in DQR about my hat hunt and she suggested I check out the straw fedora selection at Target. Fortunately, although DQ was wrong about my reason for asking her to accompany me to J.Crew (I really just wanted to catch up), she was right about the Target straw fedora selection. PREVIEW: SCORE TIMES THREE.

Pictured above are three kick ass straw fedoras I recently picked up at Target. The plain straw fedora with navy or coral ribbon ($12.99 each) comes in many colors and - my favorite feature - the  exterior ribbon matches the interior lining of the hat. I couldn't decide between navy and coral, so I bought both (why wrestle with such dilemmas when these babies are so cheap?). I bought an entirely navy straw fedora as well (also $12.99) because navy is incredible and I want to cover my entire body with it whenever possible. Did I go overboard in buying three straw fedoras in one trip to Target? Maybe, but note two important points: (1) HCG spends lots of time in the sun in the summer, and we spend too much money on skincare products to roast without adequate protection. (2) These three hats combined cost less than one $40 J. Crew hat. That Here Comes Gina rationale gets you every time.

IMG_1567And because I can't resist a great floppy hat, I succumbed to this navy and cobalt striped hat at F21 while in Vegas a few weeks ago. Pictured above on last week's OBX trip with an old (alright just last year) but beloved H&M striped dress.

Go buy some hats mother****er!

Mossimo straw fedora (coral), $12.99 at Target Mossimo straw fedora (all blue), $12.99 at Target Mossimo straw fedora (navy), $12.99 at Target Classic striped floppy hat, $12.80 at Forever21