Baggu x J.Crew

IMG_2054HCG hates plastic bags and not just because they wash up on the shores of our beloved beaches. Or because of those terribly sad photos of sea animals and birds choking on plastic bags. We hate plastic bags because they are completely worthless for carrying heavy amounts of groceries. When it comes to packing up groceries, HCG has two life rules: (1) whenever possible, I pack my own grocery bags (no offense to the store employee) and (2) sturdy reusable bags are the only way to go. Sometimes when Team HCG is feeling adventurous, we'll go through self checkout and Joe will set a timer to see how fast I can pack. Our weekends are insane. I've owned a handful of Baggu reusable shopping bags for many years, and I couldn't recommend them more. In addition to being durable and easy to clean, Baggu bags fold into compact squares that can easily be tossed in your handbag, glove compartment or scooter seat.

I've always intended to order more Baggu bags online, but much like ordering my wedding album, the task has slipped my mind for what seems like years (4 years in the case of my wedding album). While browsing in J. Crew recently, I spotted them: brightly colored Baggu for J. Crew bags! Priced the same as regular Baggu bags without the shipping cost! There was no chance I was leaving the store without them.

Set the timer, homeboy. Guess who has two new bags?

Baggu bags, $9 each at J. Crew