It's Electric

IMG_1930-500x333I recently decided my life was lacking certain excitement. Instead of turning to hard (or even soft) core drugs, adventure sports or something as crazy as drinking caffeinated Diet Coke, I went for adding an intense dose of color to my wardrobe. The result of my decision is pictured above where I lounge on some stranger's steps in Society Hill throwing up gang signs (or claws) showcasing my newest addition: a neon pink messenger bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company. It doesn't get more hard ass than this, my friends. I knew neon pink was going to be a bit of a risk for me. Sure, I like color, but isn't neon kind of 80s? As I entered my memorized debit card number to process my online purchase of this satchel, I shook off my doubts and told myself, "You only live once! Neon is so cool! You will be 30 in less than two months - stay young while you can!" But nothing prepared me for what was to come.

When I opened the box that traveled all the way from the U.K. to my office, I said "WOW." (not "WOW!") when I was attacked by the scary neon pink through the dust bag. If it's not evident from the photos, the neon pink color of this bag is nearly blinding in person. As in "your body will recoil and your eyes will start watering when you first see it" blinding. When I revealed the bag at home to Joe, his incessant blinking told me he wanted to say nice things, but his body wouldn't let him.

A certain amount of confidence is required to wear this bag, and I knew it would take me a few spins on my scooter before I felt 100% comfortable sporting this bag with pride (a few weeks later, I'm at 98%). The ability to custom emboss your satchel is what sealed this deal for me. Cambridge Satchel Company offers three-letter embossing in blind (no color), gold and silver. For obvious reasons, I went with blind embossing, and you can just spot my monogram (RMC) on the top of the satchel cover below. I can rest easy in the event someone else confuses her hot pink satchel with mine at my next law firm function. IMG_1885-500x333Functionally, the bag scores about a 4 on a 1-10 scale. The messenger strap is one of my favorite styles that allows for hands-free living, but the leather is super stiff, the 13" size is really not that big, and the buckles require lots of effort to access your meds wallet. The messenger strap can be entirely tucked into the bag which transforms the piece nicely into a supersized hot pink satchel clutch. What modern woman hasn't lost sleep wondering where she can get one of those? You could even use this bag as a weapon to blind someone on an extremely sunny day.

Despite the functional limitations and the initial adjustment to the brightness of the color, I do love my electric pink satchel. It's a delightful change from my understated bag collection and a reminder to push myself out of my comfort zone. I knew it was a keeper when my 6-year-old niece came right up to me when I arrived (over-medicated on sedating allergy medicine and after I unknowingly backed my car into a sign outside my parents' house) to Father's Day and said "Hey Gina, I really like your bag." If the young people like it, it must be cool.*

*The previous statement excludes clothing from the tween store Justice which aggressively overuses bedazzled peace signs. I'm sorry, MKF.

The Fluro 13" Satchel in Neon Pink, about $220 (including custom embossing) at The Cambridge Satchel Company; also available in neon green and orange at Revolve Clothing and in the 11" size at Shopbop