c5c22f68f69c11e186b922000a1e8868_7Today I turn 30. In celebration of this milestone, I am sharing some pieces of advice I would give to my 20-year-old self (then a college junior):

  1. Don't go to law school.
  2. Spend as much time as humanly possible with Becky Miller while in college. You have no idea how good you guys have it right now.
  3. Break up with your current boyfriend. Immediately.
  4. Last semester senior year in college you will take a supposedly easy class called 'The Music of the Beatles'. At the same time, you will fall dangerously in love with your future husband, a crazy awesome stud named Joe. This blinding love will cause you to straight FAIL the Beatles class and leave you no choice but to sweet talk your way into a D (instead of an F which would've prevented you from graduating). Even though it will be difficult to pry yourself out of Joe's wonderful hugs, go to the Beatles at least once a week and do some of the homework. The sheer panic you will experience when you realize you may not graduate college is not worth it.
  5. Retract #4. The whole 'failing the Beatles' thing is a really good story.
  6. You really don't need to get scary skinny for your wedding. You will look straight weird in many photos. While we're on the wedding thing, don't let your stylist cut your hair shorter than you tell him. And find a way to make sure your chicken cutlets stay in your dress so you don't have to ditch them at the last minute before you walk up the aisle.
  7. Give up on being tan naturally. It's not going to happen, and you're just wasting your time (and precious skin cells). Get used to spray tans.
  8. You and Joe will participate in a law school 5k in 20o7. Because of the excessive free time you had to work out in law school, you will easily be able to win this race (top female). But Joe will start to struggle around the two-mile mark, and you will wait for him so you two can finish together. Don't wait for Joe. You will forever regret not winning that 5k.
  9. Your brother Johnny will actually be your real friend one day, so start being nicer to him now. You will go on lots of vacations with him.
  10. Try to convince your parents to get you laser hair removal for college graduation. But know that will never happen. You will learn after Christmas 2006 when you ask for 1,000 thread count sheets that your mother refuses to give you anything she herself does not already have.
  11. When you go to Australia after the bar exam in 2007, travel the coast and make sure to see the Whitsunday Islands - don't waste five days in Melbourne. Do the Sydney Bridge walk at night even if it seems really expensive at the time.
  12. Let Joe plan whatever proposal he wants.
  13. Ignore the law school financial aid woman when she tells you in 2006 that the GradPlus federal loan is a great deal. The loan currently has a disgusting 8.5% interest rate. You are better off with private lenders.
  14. Your sister Christine will get only more and more awesome in the future. When she gives you advice, try listening to her. She really does know what she's talking about.
  15. Rethink the whole law school thing.

Instagram photo of 30 pennies from each year of my life from CF. One of 30 gifts of 30 from the world's most creative and thoughtful sister.