Bonsoir from Paris! In the event you don't follow HCG on Twitter or Instagram (side note: why not? You really should), you may not be aware that yours truly has been in Paris for the past week and change on a fantastic vacation. This is my first visit to Paris, and it has been even more spectacular than I imagined. Until today, I managed to spend semi-reasonable amounts of money and resist the urge to spring for luxury goods. But then I realized I needed multiple pairs of high end sunglasses which were "so much cheaper" in Paris than at home. I was doing so well.

There's plenty more to come from this Parisian holiday, but for now here are some glorious photos of my first encounter with the Eiffel Tower (at night and in late afternoon). What else is a girl to do at the top of the world's most recognizable monument except jump for joy?IMG_3215


Team HCG returns home this weekend, but if you want to see a decent synopsis of our trip to date, seriously check out HCG's Instagram. If there ever was a perfect city for Instagram, Paris is it.