mBackHCG is back, bitches! You may have wondered what I've been doing for the past few months while Here Comes Gina has been on hiatus. Was I cast as an extra in Downton Abbey and have been on location in the U.K. filming the new season? I wish. Did I get a divorce? Please. I would never let Joe out of this marriage while he is still alive. But I have experienced a big life change recently: I got a new job. As I have alluded to on HCG before, my previous job wasn't very blog-friendly. While my life as a large law firm associate was filled with glamourous business trips on private jets, high level client negotiations and so much money I could barely spend it, my job just didn't allow me the kind of schedule I yearned for to work on this site. So I found a new one and quit. All for Here Comes Gina. Mostly.

The new job is an in-house counsel position in Philadelphia - still "scoot-able" from my house. In-house counsel jobs are generally considered the holy grail of lawyer jobs, and so far I can confirm my new situation is pretty awesome. Because I would like to retain this job for quite a while, those are all the details I will disclose for now. My desire to remain employed at this new company is also why I am refraining from giving CF my new e-mail address and phone number. Girlfriend loves calling me at work.

I hope you are all enjoying a fantastic 2013 so far, and I think we're going to have a great year together.

It feels good to be back.

Image of yours truly reenacting a WWII battle at a German bunker in Longues-sur-Mer, France (outside Normandy) in October 2012. Military jacket and fur vest intentionally worn to this location.