Best Dressed: Golden Globes

best-dressed-580x616 copyThe 2013 Golden Globes were enjoyable on many levels (all of which involved Tina Fey and Amy Poehler), but the fashions didn't exactly blow me away. Below, a listing of who HCG loved at the Globes and who didn't leave much of an impression. Chime in with your comments!

Looks HCG Loved:

1. Kate Hudson in McQueen: Kate Hudson looked gorgeous in this long-sleeved embellished McQueen number. I could do without the gilded neck choker situation (which was mostly hidden by her smooth blowout), but I'm all over the deep-v neckline, wide belt and gently flared skirt. Here's what I love about Kate Hudson on a red carpet: she's usually doing that kind of laughing, hair tossing look which makes you believe she really is exactly like her character Darcy from "Something Borrowed". And which I imagine is kind of awkward to see if you were to stand near her on a red carpet and watch her pose (example: Lea Michele). Side note: Hudson's breast impacts are the perfect size for her body. Money well spent.

2. Claire Danes in Versace: Ah, Claire. Where do I begin to list all the ways you're awesome? I fully admit I'm reviewing your Golden Globes look from a biased perspective. You're exactly what Carrie Mathison could be if she would just stay on her bipolar meds, find a non-terrorist lover and wear some makeup. Bias aside, Claire looks incredible in this Versace dress. The simplicity and elegance of this choice is a testament to Claire's consistency in always looking gorgeous on red carpets. Need I mention the woman just had a baby four weeks ago? A reminder that Stars: They're Really Not Just Like Us.

3. Katherine McPhee in Theyskens Theory: K. McPhee is the Mandy Moore of the 2013 Golden Globes. Granted, McPhee has a slightly higher profile right now than Moore did during last year's awards show circuit, but she still came out of nowhere with this slutty-in-a-good-way simple black gown. Bonus points for the appropriately tousled messy bun and wearing a dress with pockets.

Best Dressed 24. Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta: Jessica Alba's figure and complexion lend themselves perfectly to this tangerine ODLR dress. Her hair is soft and complementary, her furry bag is fun and her pose is flawless. I could do without the necklace.

5. Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney: Amy Poehler was my favorite person of the entire night, and her red carpet mini tux was a refreshing departure from the mermaid cuts and uncomfortable fits worn by so many other ladies (see below: Amy Adams). Poehler looked comfortable yet chic in a way so many other women who try to wear tuxes on the red carpet fail. 

6. Hayden Panettiere in Roberto Cavalli: Here we go, Hayden Panettiere! You look so fresh and young I could barely take my eyes away from my HD television during close-ups of you in red carpet interviews. An all around fantastic look with standouts like natural full hair, glow-y makeup and a hot pink clutch.

Looks HCG Didn't Love but Didn't Hate - just "meh":

MEH11. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior haute couture: I loved Jennifer Lawrence in "Silver Linings Playbook", and I know she has the body to work practically any dress out there. The metallic belted waist of this Dior gown is incredibly flattering, but the oragami fabric on the chest just didn't work for HCG. Props to J. Law for being attacked by Lindsay Lohan on Twitter. Watch out.

2. Anne Hathaway in Chanel: It feels wrong not to love Anne Hathaway in Chanel. I simply expected more. MR opined that the top of this two-piece gown looked like a fancy back brace. If you're concealing a new pregnancy Annie, we're willing to overlook this one.

3. Jennifer Garner in Vivienne Westwood: Another instance where a celebrity looks fine, but she doesn't look amazing. J. Garner's hair, makeup and accessories are all commendable, but the dress is a little boring. I understand not wanting to show up your husband, but a girl has to SHOW UP to something like the Golden Globes.

MEH24. Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein Collection: HCG is a huge fan of Jessica Chastain, so I was disappointed not to be able to include her in the "love" section of this post. The sea foamy blue color of this Calvin Klein dress is a gorgeous contrast to Chastain's skin and hair, but the cut doesn't flatter her like so many other cuts could. I don't totally understand how her hair stayed slicked back or why she would want it to.

5. Taylor Swift in Donna Karen: I appreciate that T. Swift tried something different here. She's wearing eggplant and, shockingly, she's not wearing red lipstick. But the final product just didn't work for me. Taylor: you look older than you are in this dress. And we know your boobs aren't that big.

6. Amy Adams in Marchesa: This Marchesa dress is clearly beautiful, and the lightness of the tulle skirt is delightful. Compliments aside, the color was a shade too close to Amy's skin color to get my vote. Watching Amy try to move in this dress was almost as uncomfortable as she likely felt sitting down in it. She's clearly been working out, though.